REGION III Update: OSHA Conducts Over 600 Inspections Last Month


REGION III Update: OSHA Conducted Over 600 Inspections Last Month.

From June 1, 2015 through June 30, 2015, approximately 646 inspections were conducted in OSHA‚ Region III. Over 45% of the total inspections were conducted in Virginia. Slightly over 50% of total inspections were conducted in the Construction industry and approximately 20% in the Manufacturing industry. The remaining inspections were conducted in other sectors (Wholesale Trade, Retail Trade, and Transportation & Warehousing).

OSHAs Region III Insp. June 2015 Pie Chart






Of the inspections conducted in June, most of them were Planned/Program-Related Inspections.

Types of Inspections Conducted in OSHAs Region III June 2015






The June inspection data for Region III is consistent with OSHA’s current enforcement policy of conducting more thorough inspections under emphasis and other programs, intended to address workplace safety in industry sectors identified as high hazard.


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VOSH‚ Activity – First 6 Months of 2015


Virginia Occupational Safety & Health (VOSH) has undertaken over 1,400 inspections in the Commonwealth of Virginia since January 1, 2015 through June 23, 2015. Consistent with national trends, the vast majority of the inspections have been Planned and/or Program-related, amounting to 74% of the inspections commenced in the first half of this year. Complaint based inspections are the next highest category, but still comprise only 15% of inspections. As for inspection scope, 65% of VOSH inspections so far this year have been partial (limited scope) while 31% have been complete (comprehensive) inspections.

VOSH administers and enforces the federal OSHA regulations in Virginia as well as Virginia‚ own occupational safety and health standards such as:

fall protection in steel erection
overhead high voltage line safety
confined spaces in the construction and telecommunication industries
reverse signal operation in construction and general industry
tree trimming
compliance with manufacturer‚ instructions for vehicles, machinery, tools and equipment in
general industry, construction, maritime and agriculture

Virginia is in federal OSHA‚ Region III (along with Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Delaware, Maryland and Washington, D.C.). In addition to federal OSHA‚ National Emphasis Programs, Region III has the following Regional and Local Emphasis Programs, which also lead to occupation safety and health inspections.

Regional Programs:

Oil and Gas Service Industry
High Level Noise
Fall Hazards in the Construction Industry
Tree Trimming & Clearing Operations

Local Programs:

Programmed maritime Inspections (Pittsburg, PA Area Office)
Program for Ship/Boat Building & Repair (Norfolk, VA Area office)
Program for the Health Care Industry (Philadelphia, PA Area office)
Program for logging in West Virginia

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Weekly Virginia OSHA Inspection Report; Friday, September 26- Thursday, October 2, 2014

Two construction workers pouring concrete

Each week, will keep you informed regarding OSHA inspection activity in the
Commonwealth of Virginia. We welcome you to visit our site to learn if OSHA is active in your
area of the state. In order to be prepared for an OSHA inspection, it is important to learn what
types of OSHA inspections are taking place in your area.

It was another busy week in terms of the number of OSHA inspections occurring in
Virginia; indeed, VOSH has conducted over 100 inspections during the last two weeks.
This week, VOSH focused its attention on inspections at construction sites in the Richmond area
and continued its focus on automotive-related worksites, including car dealerships
and even a few car washes. During the week beginning Friday, September 26 and ending
Thursday, October 2, 2014, the Department of Labor reported 53 OSHA inspections taking
place in the Commonwealth of Virginia, with zero (0) inspections originating from the
Norfolk office, and 53 originating in other offices. 35 of the 53 reported inspections
related to construction, in both the residential and commercial settings.

OSHA (or its state equivalent; in this case, VOSH) may inspect a worksite under various
sources of authority, including inspections conducted as the result of a complaint-
generally lodged by an employee who reports purportedly unsafe working conditions to
OSHA; as the result of a referral- generally from the media due to reports of an
incident (e.g, accident involving injuries) taking place at the worksite; or as part of
a local, regional, or national emphasis program (CHEMNEP, fall protection, etc);
these inspections take place because the employer appears on a list created by
OSHA relating to an emphasis program it has undertaken.

This week the Department of Labor reported the following inspections in Virginia:

Total inspections: 53

Source of Authority:

Complaint Based: 6
Programmed/Planned: 37
Referral Based: 2
Follow-up: 3
Other: 5


Abingdon- 1; Alexandria- 1; Burke- 1; Chesapeake- 1; Carson- 1;
Clifton Forge- 1; Charlottesville- 1; Crozet- 1; Danville- 1; Gloucester- 3;
Hampton- 5; Harrisonburg- 1; Lynchburg- 1; Martinsville- 1; Max Meadows- 1;
Mt. Crawford- 1; Newport News- 4; Newsoms- 1; Pennington Gap- 3; Petersburg- 1;
Portsmouth- 1; Richmond- 11; Salem- 1; Staunton- 1; Virginia Beach- 5;
West Point- 1; Wytheville- 1; Yorktown- 1

Scope of Inspection:

Partial: 34
Comprehensive/Complete: 15
Other: 4

Nature of Inspection:

Construction: 35
General Industry: 18

Please note that not all OSHA inspections are reported on OSHA‚ inspection database
website. If your worksite is inspected, feel free to contact our firm with any
questions you may have regarding the OSHA citation defense process. OSHA will
issue citations from any given inspection within six (6) months from the beginning of
the inspection. In federal OSHA plan states and Virginia, you only have 15 working days
to contest the citation, including the proposed penalties and abatement periods set forth
therein, from once it is received. If you participate in an informal settlement conference,
this participation may not toll the time in which you must issue a notice of contest.
If a timely notice of contest is not provided, you may lose your right to contest the
proposed citations, including the attendant penalties and abatement periods. Once your
notice of contest is received, OSHA or its state-plan equivalent will initiate the prosecution
of the proposed OSHA citations by filing a complaint against your company.

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